because I understand the dynamic exchange of giving and receiving, and the amazing blessings it brings to my life.

There is a dynamic exchange of giving and receiving, it is never one sided and it is always reciprocated. The interesting thing about giving is that you will probably not receive in the same place that you give. In other words, when you find yourself giving to your church or volunteer program, what you get in return may be in a completely different area of your life.

You might win a jackpot or receive an unexpected check in the mail. You could get the help you were needing, find a sale on an item you needed to purchase or receive an opportunity that happened unexpectedly. Often times, we think these events are not related and we may even make the statement that, I don’t get anything in return. However, when we release the need to keep score and just notice… we will see blessings of all kinds just showing up.

The opportunity is always to be the witness and to notice. As a Spiritual practice, tithing is one way to activate the law of circulation. The law of circulation states that things in the universe are always flowing in circulation but at an ever-expanding rate. It works according to the law of cause and effect what the universe always mirrors back to you whatever you do. Tithing is generally a practice of giving the first 10% of your earnings to the place and or person that lifts you up Spiritually. If it’s true that you get what you give, it might be a good idea to look at your giving.

For those that have negative energy around tithing or giving, this is an opportunity to create a different relationship with it. Tithing is about keeping an open channel of giving and receiving in your life. It’s about giving first and knowing that in return you will be blessed.

There is purposefulness to you giving first in faith and knowing and trusting that it will be returned to you.

Imagine standing in front of an old fireplace, there is a stack of wood, matches and newspaper all right there. Because you don’t want to give first, you ask the fireplace to give you heat and then you will give it wood. You explain that because of your past experiences you’ll need to see the fire before you can offer your wood. The fireplace tells you that you will need to be the first to give and to trust the process. It goes on to say that all of your resources are right there and that you just need to be the first one to give. Instead, you sit right down on the hearth in front of the fireplace and wrap another blanket around you.

There are so many areas of our lives where we withhold, waiting for someone or something else to give first because we don’t want to lose out. Add to that the evidence of past hurts or experiences and we will hang on tight to the reasons why were not going to give at all. Now tithing is in reference to money however, where else in your life are you withholding your forgiveness, trust, appreciation love, friendship…

Since the opportunity is always to practice, let’s start with tithing. The “Unexpected Income Club” is giving with money that was completely unexpected. This idea or practice is an invitation to really use your life as a laboratory. To explore ideas, concepts and practices that you may have not known about or simply overlooked. This is an opportunity to make giving a priority because you are interested in experiencing for yourself the amazing blessings it returns.

In the Unexpected Income Club, you are consciously giving from the overflow you have in your life. It is money that you were not expecting and giving from it is a conscious choice to pay it forward. We hold an expectancy of good with the idea that it will be returned multiplied.  For example, if you received a refund check in the mail of $100, you would give 10% ($10) to whatever cause or place that you consider your Spiritual sustenance. Keep a record and pay attention to the blessings and miracles that simply show up.

This is an opportunity to get outside any limiting beliefs, and to consciously participate in  practices that allow you to be mindful of what you are giving of your time, money and service. Today I commit to give first.


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