As I move into this day I carry with me these truths and agreements,

As I move into this day, I am making a conscious commitment to carry with me and to be mindful of these truths and agreements and to use them in my daily life.

I am impeccable with my word and I use my heart and intuition as my guidance.I pay close attention to when listening is more important than being heard, and I recognize that the need to understand always takes precedence over the egos demands.  I know that my character, my honesty and my integrity are all defined by my word, so I don’t make promises that I cannot keep. I am free to choose in every moment to respond instead of react, and I vow to never use my words as a weapon or an excuse. I don’t partake in rumors and gossip, for I absolutely know that there is no power or personal growth in the depreciation of another.

I don’t take things personally, I recognize that we are all on a journey- learning, growing, discovering, finding, reaching and figuring out our own plan. When I stay committed to my highest vision, when I am in integrity with myself, I approach others with patience and humility. I know that each of us is doing the best we can with our current level of awareness- and I honor that space. I release all demands and expectations that keep me             in judgment, and I forgive myself and others for our misgivings.

I don’t assume anything. I accept full and total responsibility for my life, for my relationships and for my results. If there is something I need to know, I ask. If there is something I need to say, I communicate. If there is something missing, I do the best I can to articulate and express who and what I am, and what it is that I need or desire. There is no story writing;        I will not create my own doubt, animosity, confusion, illusion, bitterness, suspicion or conflict based on speculation. I am clear and conscious- I use my time, my energy and my voice for resolution and solution. I am committed to greatness.

I will do the best I can, and I start with me. I will love, honor and nurture myself. I will take care of my needs, protect my space, expand my consciousness, exercise my body, and shape my life. I will give time to the things that inspire and bring joy to me. I will give all that I have to all that I am committed to. I will look for opportunities to give  of myself, my time and my service because I understand the dynamic exchange of giving and receiving, and the amazing blessings it brings to my life.


I am recognizing that I am the common denominator wherever I go. I know that as I work on my mindset, as I cultivate my ability to respond and as I continue to be the best possible version of myself that I can be- I am creating my path of happiness, abundance and prosperity in every way.



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