And So It Is – this is a declaration. It is an announcement, a positive formal statement and proclamation. The process of this chapter in the book of your life is complete.

What you choose to carry with you will alter the rest of your path. So many opportunities to look within to learn and uncover, so much revealed and healed. You are loved and forgiven, the process is complete. Whatever it was that needed to be learned is learned, whatever needed to be released is released.

  At the end of the day and at the end of this life’s journey, you being authentically you is all that really matters. No one is going to tell you that you did it wrong. No one is going to lock you out of heaven or send you to a fiery hell. We will all return to the love that created us.

I hope that you are done waiting and that you are ready to live the life you came here to create. I hope that you continue to discover, commit and to express as only you can. I know that you are open to every gift and every experience of a larger life and that it is already done.

Remember to celebrate and acknowledge yourself. This has been an incredible journey of self-discovery and movement and you deserve to be recognized, even if it’s just you toasting to the best that is yet to come.  

I know that writing and revealing my journey has given me the opportunity to become completely transparent. Taking off every mask, taking risks, being vulnerable and honoring a voice and a desire that continues to invite me to encourage and inspire as long as I have life.  It is me living my authentic self. I recognize all of the ways that I have fallen short in the past and my future is about me living in front of and above the line I have drawn for myself. I declare this to be so as I complete this chapter of my life. And So It Is.

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