My greatest desire is that you come to know and love yourself…  

There is only light and there is only love. It is warm, it is tender, and it is safe.

In this moment you fully recognize, you sense that place of perfection within.

It is calling you, calling you to remember. And as you surrender, as you

let go you, as you embrace this moment, in all of its fullness you listen these words…

My beautiful child, my light of the world. I cherish these moments with you, I cherish these

times when you consciously and knowingly decide to take a moment and surrender. When you

come home to the truth, when you go within. When you take a moment to stand still and stand

in your truth. I cherish these moments when you sense that place of perfection within you, as

you remember your wholeness.     


Remember today that you are here on purpose; remember that there is nothing standing

between you and your truth. I created you in my image; perfect, whole and complete.

I created you to grow, to play, to love and to laugh. I created you to be a vessel of kindness and

compassion. To live fully; with abundance and peace and prosperity.

You are the light of the world, you are moving and growing and expanding in your



Love surrounds you; in each and every moment. You are divinely guided, you are nurtured,

and you are blessed. You are energized and revitalized in this precious and sacred moment,

remembering always that you need only say yes.

There is a place inside of you that is calling… and it is calling on purpose. Listen to it, it is

drawing to you everything you need for a more expansive life, it is calling you to grow and to

become. It is calling you to step into your greatness; It is calling you because you are needed,

because you are the one- There is nothing and no one else, It is calling you by name because it

is your unique gift. It is you and only you.


And as you move beyond your Human fears, as you move in faith; you will see that you’ve

never been lost, nor alone, nor forsaken.

You are love, you are light, and you are perfect in every way. I have given you the heavens and

today my sweet child, as you embrace this moment, as you fully remember-

Today you are inspired, you are activated, motivated and you move beyond any doubt, and

confusion or any circumstance. In this moment your destiny awaits you- your every need, every

resource, and every activity are in Divine flow. With love, peace, ease and grace, miracles are

manifesting in this and each and every moment.

As you continue on your journey, know that I am always with you. My beautiful child,

I am always with you…


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