About Me



As a business consultant with over 14 years in the real estate industry, knowing how to help others build their businesses and strengthen systems and processes is something I enjoy doing. As a business owner myself- I understand the challenge and critical importance of creating systems that work while nurturing and maintaining relationships.

I believe that creating Affirmative Business Solutions can be extremely effective. When we understand that Relationships, Systems and Consistency are the pillars of our business that drive our success- we make different choices about how to interact and systemize our business. One my favorite things to do is to show individuals, entrepreneurs and small business owners how to activate a Gratitude Practice- it’s an amazing process of shifting focus, being extremely intentional and knowing that the power of our positivity and caring nature truly does make a difference in our lives and businesses.

In addition to consulting, I also enjoy exploring business challenges and opportunities both personally and professionally. Interestingly enough, many solutions are found where they are least expected.

As a writer and an artist – I am honored to have created a business and a life on the belief that we are always creating and have the opportunity to make an impact where ever we go- regardless of our history. There is something inside of each and every one of us- unique, individual, beautiful and powerful- and the gifts that we give and receive when we share it with others is immeasurable…and being able to support my customers with amazing resources is a win-win!  



Serenity means to be calm or tranquil so – Serenitys Way denotes a BEingness, a way of being in the world- having to do with peace, authenticity and the way of least effort.

I grew up with domestic violence as a way of life, so being in a tranquil and calm environment was not my experience at all… and in my adult years, I found myself in the middle of circumstances and places I never thought I would be.

Through my own path of growth and discovery,  I have learned a lot about the power of intention, purpose and perspective. In my many years of personal development work, I have come to know who I am and I absolutely know that there is nothing that love, acceptance and forgiveness cannot heal. I know that there is a place inside of each one of us that continually reminds us to grow and become …

All of my work is about growth and expansion, it is about continually evolving into the best version of ourselves – which I believe is a life long process. It’s about taking 100% responsibility from right where we are, wherever that might be. The Serenitys Way card line that was birthed from a desire to make a difference and send a message hope and encouragement. The My Agreements with Me book is about personal reflection and accountability, and what an incredible opportunity that is for each of us. 



MY AGREEMENTS WITH ME ~ A Journey of Personal Reflection

The My Agreements with Me journey is a journey of personal reflection. It is an individual journey and an opportunity to notice yourself. This is not a test and there are no grades, in fact you get to be right about everything. If you are ready for growth, movement, expansion or forward action, you are welcome to join us. This is your personal invitation. 

We will create our own personal vision and we will be accountable to it,  ourselves and our results. We will question, explore and discover what is working and moving us forward and what is holding us back. For those who would like more guidance, clarity and coaching, there will be a opportunity to have that as well. 

If there is any part of you that is stirring, I hope that you will listen and take action. All that you need to do is show up here and go to the “My Agreements with Me” tab



Sylvia Castillo