Affirmative Business Solutions

Relationships & SendOutCards

Living in a busy world makes it hard to focus on the moments that matter most. SendOutCards makes capturing these moments easier than ever. We believe in creating connection through acts of kindness, and you can do just that by creating beautiful heartfelt cards easier and more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

Impact business and personal relationships, generate referral business, develop employe relationships, create a retention system, boost morale, raise productivity and deepen loyalty.

Everyone knows that when people feel appreciated, they give more. We all do, we want to know that what we do makes a difference and it matters who acknowledges us.

Systems & Ixact Contact

IxactContact is like a smart assistant- helping you to manage your contacts and business, keep in touch with prospects and clients, capture and nurture leads and stay on track towards reaching your goals.

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Consistency & Database Gold

Generating referrals from your past clients occurs when you stay engaged and top of mind so when the opportunity to refer you presents itself you are the first person they think of... and refer. Your job is to consistently stay in contact with your clients through various channels and Database Gold makes it easy!

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