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business and personal lives. 

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You’re ready to grow in a new way and you are ready for things to be different.

You are here at just the right time- and if you are willing to:

  • commit to a journey of personal reflection
  • make the time to build a new vision       (with our help)
  • investigate, uncover and explore what’s not working
  • create new and different results                     

YOU ARE Ready for this journey of personal reflection.

“If you don’t take action in your life, 

your future will look like your past.”

What they have to say

"I LOVE your My Agreements Journey podcasts....sincerely and truly love them. The podcasts have been invaluable as I continue to learn and grow on my journey of self improvement. Each and every week, the podcasts provide an opportunity to learn, reflect, and apply something new or to help me "stay on track"

Why would someone want to read the My Agreements with Me book? I say "why wouldn't you"?!! I can't wait! You speak from your heart and soul in your podcasts so I have no doubt your book will be the same - relatable, real, heartfelt, experiential...

What would someone have to gain or benefit from joining the My Agreements with Me journey? Everything! Each and every week provides a new area of opportunity for growth. I have gone back and listened to some of them a 2nd or 3rd time and each time there is something new that I learn or pick up on. Something new that I can reflect on and apply. I continue to learn that growth and opportunity start with ME and your podcasts help me to identify and realize this. It helps me take what I learn and apply it to myself and my life."
Laura W
On the Journey
"This has been one of the MOST thought provoking inner truth experiences I have had the pleasure to be a part of. A good friend in WI is also on The Journey with the video podcast, and the conversations we have about what is revealed to us has set us free in ways that feels truly liberating! A MUST experience if you truly want to grow from within out"
Kathy S
On the Journey
"The My Agreements with Me Journey is just that, it's a beautiful journey toward ownership, empowerment, and healing at the soul level. The wisdom from each contributor magically shines a light on our hidden places and reminds us of the power we all have within us to choose to make new agreements with ourselves despite the ones we made in the past."
Audrey M
On the Journey
“Sylvia’s courageous willingness to self-reflect and share her learnings gives her the super power to tenderly support others as they expand and enrich their own lives. Sylvia’s approach is caring, encouraging and uplifting. She can do it. You can do it. We can do it!”
Deanne D
On the Journey
"My journey with My Agreements With Me has invoked a sense of grace, within myself. I have taken a step back and looked inward at many areas of my own life. Being authentic and vulnerable with this work allowed me to look at areas I carried shame from my past... like being a victim of child abuse, domestic violence, having a child in prison, etc. I was able to look deeper and see how I am 100% responsible for my life now. I also, dived deeper into understanding forgiveness and how to break the lineage of the past, so that cycle stops with me. It has been a "process" and one I embrace. Sylvia has a way with her writing and her messages that makes one feel safe to look inward and create change. Amazing and transformational work!!!"
Darla E
On the Journey
"My personal experience has been that my agreements with myself are the areas of my life in which I struggle the most. I'm great at keeping agreements with others. My "look good" program (or general pride and vanity) is too strong for me to not keep my agreements with others. However letting myself down is something I am all-too-intimately acquainted with. Any tool that allows me to shift that paradigm to actually SHOW UP for myself is always welcome."
Terri W
On the Journey
"This has been one of the MOST thought provoking inner truth experiences I have had the pleasure to be a part of. A good friend in WI is also on The Journey with the video podcast, and the conversations we have about what is revealed to us has set us free in ways that feels truly liberating! A MUST experience if you truly want to grow from within out"
Sande C
On the Journey
"This book is very empowering! Anyone wanting to take charge of their life (and thoughts) would feel supported by this book. It is a refreshing perspective on responsibility! The video/podcast is very nurturing and tender, supporting the My Agreements with Me book. The conversations are filled with incredible insights and tools to take responsibility for one’s life journey."
Laura J
On the Journey
"It’s important no matter where you are in your journey to have a daily spiritual practice that will increase awareness and keep momentum/expansion moving. Sylvia’s book is poignant and profound. Her writing will help you dive deep into your soul work and support you lovingly and truthfully on your path. It will give you thought provoking guidance and support every week."
Jessica J
On the Journey
“Sylvia offers a unique perspective toward personal growth as well as emotional and spiritual health. She invites individuals to a place of discovery within themselves that delivers self-awareness and wisdom. Whether your choice is to read her book or Embark on the My Agreements with Me Journey, you will undoubtedly reconnect with your personal purpose and find a renewed passion for spiritual wholeness.”
Rodd J
On the Journey
“The journey of self-discovery never ends. It is always a perfect time to start and there is never an arrival- it is a lifelong process. My intentions for this body of work is to offer a safe space to really look at, investigate and uncover what is going on in your inner landscape. For most of us, these are the areas we hesitate to share because they are painful, embarassing or uncomfortable. What I have discovered is that when we venture into these places within ourselves, in the revealing of truth we are able to heal, forgive and start over. We all have "stuff" and
Sylvia C
On the Journey


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This is where it all begins. A 52-week journey of personal reflection and it’s all about you. Each week, we will explore the agreements we have with ourselves. We will craft a larger vision for our lives, one that we feel good about. This is about you taking 100% responsibility for your life for your relationships, and for your results. 

You know if it’s time.    

You inherently know if you are satisfied with what is. You know if it is time for growth and expansion or forward movement. If there is any part of you that desires a new or different experience or perspective, I invite to you to join us. This is your personal invitation.

Every week we will explore, question and discover. We will have access to weekly inspiration, coaching, guidance and resources from some incredible leaders. They will provide clarity, structure and accountability. You will learn and grow from this experience. This is the most important subject you will ever make time for – YOU…

Week 1 - I make a pact with myself

  1. I make a pact with myself- an agreement with me

This is where it all starts. It’s an agreement you have with yourself and it’s not about anyone or anything else. It’s not about right or wrong or good or bad- It is simply an opportunity to be real with yourself and to start right where you are. To honestly take an inventory of your life and your results to determine where there are things in your life that are ready to grow.

A “pact” is a solemn and sacred agreement that you make with yourself. As you contemplate what that might be, remember that this journey is about you. This is not about your parents, children, spouse, friends or significant other, it’s about you. Now would be the time to release their influences and ideas about who and what you should be. This agreement is for you and you alone. It is a journey of self-discovery and all that is needed is you and your willingness to explore.

So, what is the agreement or pact you have with yourself? And do you even have one? Maybe you don’t. This might be the first time that an agreement with yourself has ever been suggested. It is also possible that you’ve been getting by day to day, doing life and feeling just fine about where you are. Or you may have been so consumed with taking care of everyone and everything else, that you never really thought about yourself or what agreement you might have with you. Maybe you have goals and those are your agreements? They might be written down, memorized and kept track of- although there are other areas that you struggle with. Either way, the opportunity here is to create some agreements that you would like to make and keep with yourself.

Taking the time to write out your thoughts and new agreements with yourself has more benefits than you could possibly know. When you use your imagination and creativity to design and craft a vision that gets you excited, when you can feel yourself tingling on the inside with the possibility of it all, your vision begins working on how to find its way to you.

When you begin to deliberately create new agreements with yourself, you ignite a spark of probability that has within it the power to make real that which you could only conceive of. Don’t make light of this opportunity, if you could know the power of writing down your thoughts and your words, you would want to make sure you took time for this exercise.If you could wave the magic wand, what might you have more, better, new or different in your life?

It doesn’t matter if you do or do not currently have a vision for your life, or if this conversation is new to you or not. This is an important invitation for you to start this journey of self-discovery wherever you are on your path.

These are the major areas we in our lives that we explore. If you could have it any way you wanted it. What would it look and feel like? Take the time to write out a vision for your life. Include everything.

Health/Wellbeing * Relationships * Career/Education * Contribution/Spirituality

Your vision is the big picture. It is your roadmap including your dreams and desires. You can write it as though it’s five years in the future and you are looking back at all of the amazing things you have accomplished or you can state it “as if” in the present tense. It is encouraged that you spend some quality time thinking about what you would have in your life. You don’t need to know how or why- just get clear about what you’d like to have and create and get excited about it. We are setting a stage for the future you.

Reflection Opportunity


Creating a vision will assist us in navigating our daily life. When we are deliberate about what we want to create from a sense of purpose, it makes our day to day choices and decisions easier to make. As suggested in the conversation- make time for yourself to contemplate your purpose and if you are not quite sure, don’t get stuck. As we really begin to ask the questions, our answers will naturally reveal themselves.

As we explore each area of our life, we can really begin to evaluate where we feel energized and expansive and where we have longings and desires for change. We may experience this as feeling inspired, happy and energized or dissatisfied, discouraged and depleted. It is essential to notice and pay attention to what we are feeling. Our feelings are indicators and give us valuable information that we can use to guide and direct our lives.

Consider meditation or quiet time before you start. There is a lot of opportunity for personal reflection- notice what comes up, get deliberate about what you desire to create and focus on moving in the direction of what feels good. Often times we get in touch with what we want to create from our longings and what feels missing. Pay attention to the still small voice within, it is always talking to you and reminding you to listen.

Claim this experience as your new beginning and as you look at your values, non-negotiables and milestones, begin to craft a goal and action plan that supports your vision. When you focus your time and energy on the areas where you are ready to grow; you will find that solutions, resources and answers will be begin to show up.

AWAKENED TRANSFORMATION – How fulfilled and satisfied do you feel in each of these areas of your life?

Health/Wellbeing – personal health, image and environment

Love/Relationships – home and family, recreation and play

Career/Education – financial serenity- time and money freedom

Contribution/Spirituality – service and community

As you look at each of these areas of your life, ask yourself:

1. how long have I been living with a feeling of discontent?

2. What is it costing me to not change the results?

3. What would I love to create?

Our new vision has within it the power to dissolve this discontent. This is not just about creating a to-do list, this is about who you will become in the process of creating a new vision for your life.

Once you consider the discontent in these areas, now ask the question, “Wouldn’t it be great?” What would you love to have or experience?

This process can take time- so if you are unsure create a “desires” journal page and every time you have a desire to be, do or have something, write it down. Just notice what you are noticing.

Take honest and deliberate time for consciously creating your life. Now is always the perfect time to start!

our teaching team

Darice Johnston

Life & Business Coaching

Darice’s intuitive coaching methodology reaches well beyond the realm of “traditional”. Her unique process eliminates stickiness, brings immediate clarity, and induces INSPIRED ACTION. Her simple systems provide powerful solutions of integration to increase efficiency & results. 

Terri Wilber

Certified NLP Practitioner

Terri Anderson Wilber specializes in the way you THINK. With a background in neuroscience and behavioral studies, Terri bridges the gap in the way your conscious mind and unconscious mind communicate with one another. With advanced certifications in Neurolinguistic Programming, hypnotherapy and Mental and Emotional Release.

Sherri Overstreet

Licensed Professional Counselor

Sherri has a passion to help others create a powerful relationship not only with themselves, but with others as well. She has extensive experience helping families with difficulties in their relationships including couples and children. She focuses on the family system to help navigate communication in all situations including divorce and separation. 

Jessica Jaramillo

Founding Partner
The Presario Group

Jessica is a recognized business and personal coach. Jessica is a big picture visionary and strategist who leads entrepreneurs through their struggles and growth with her creativity, productivity, systems and process improvements.


Laura Jacob

CSL RScP Practitioner

Laura Jacob has been a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner for over a decade. Her incredible gift of authentic listening offers her clients a space to be completely trusting and vulnerable. Laura’s commitment to her practice of prayer and guidance offer support in a beautiful and powerful way. 

Kathy Sparrow

Writer, Author & Keynote Speaker

Kathy is passionate about creating space for individuals to discover their authentic presence, embrace change with a sense of adventure, and express themselves in all areas of life with confidence, awareness, and courage – through writing, fly fishing, and intentional conversation.

Deanne Drda MA

Masters in Spiritual Psychology

Deanne holds a  Master’s in Spiritual Psychology and has had a private practice since 2009. 

Deanne is also a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner and is  Certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples/relationships. Over the years, she has counseled  hundreds of individuals and couples to help them   find the right path to solving their problems, working through their issues, and finding happiness in their lives. 

Rodd Jaramillo

Former Minister

Rodd is a former minister, however his passion for empowering and inspiring young men and women will always be a lifetime commitment. 

Rodd is a powerful teacher who uses his wisdom, guidance and council to explore feminine and masculine wounds. He is a healer of perception and an incredible man of faith.  


Audrey May-Prosper

Activist, Thrive Expert & Keynote Speaker

Follower of Christ, Mom, Wife, Women’s Empowerment Leader, Philanthropist, Activist, and Thrive Expert. Audrey founded
Your Thrive Tribe because she believes all women deserve to be empowered to THRIVE in every category of their lives.

Karisa Willeke

Fitness & Wellness Coach Owner of FitClub47

We believe that everyone has the potential to realign with their own natural, healthy expression; therefore, we offer encouragement, accountability, education, and workouts designed to help you reclaim your health, well-being, and strength.

Sylvia Castillo

Author and creator of
My Agreements with Me
CSL RScP Practitioner

Sylvia is the author and creator of My Agreements with Me. Her goal and vision was to create a platform to promote growth and expansion that is accessible to everyone. Engaging in empowered and powerful conversations, creating a space of radical inclusion, and offering ideas and perspectives that invite compassion, healing and transformation is her life’s work.            

The Journey

Book & Online Experience

Stories and experiences teach. The My Agreements with Me Journey is unique because it offers perspectives from all different walks of life. This journey is an intriguing  collection of stories, wisdom, insights and collaboration.  If you are at a place or time in your life that you are seeking more I invite you to join us for what is an intentional, inspirational and all inclusive journey of the heart. 

Week 2
A promise to commit to a more
expansive way of
BEing and SEEing

Consciously moving out of a habitual pattern requires a  commitment to change. Getting outside of your comfort zone and operating from a place of risk and uncertainly is the next step in your own personal evolution. 

Week 3
I release the chains
of my own bondage

It is time to create a vision for your life.  It is time to take inspired action and deliberately create the life that you know you are capable of having.  We will be guided through a process that will ease the feeling of being stuck, it will bring clarity and invite inspired action. Our work together will bring about change.  

Are you ready for new results?

Week 4
I know that these agreements afford me the ability to live out my highest truth and vision and I give thanks for the many blessings that return to me as I embrace my authentic self

It’s about living your vision. It’s about being in alignment- when what we think, say feel and do is congruent. It’s about being your authentic and standing in your power- whatever that means for you.  

Week 5
I am impeccable with my word

As we explore our word with ourselves, we begin to see where we are in and out of alignment. 

 We  take the opportunity to see the what clarity the contrast in our lives is providing us.   

Week 6
and I use my heart and intuition as my guidance

When someone’s heart is protected it feels safe to be isolated and keep others at bay. Often times we resist the very thing that would have the capacity within it to make a shift or a difference. 

When we begin to look at situations, life  people, and ourselves with a new perspective, everything changes.   

Week 7
I pay close attention to when listening is more important than being heard

Of all the opportunities we have to learn about ourselves and others- Listening is probably the greatest of them all. How might you listen in a way that invites the person in front of you to share what is on their heart and mind. There is no substitute for authentic listening.  

Week 8
and I recognize that the need to understand always takes precedence over the egos demands.

As we seek to understand, our perspective is altered— when forgiveness is extended, it allows us to see with eyes of compassion. This is the ultimate elixir,  love heals all things and makes way for something new to be created.  

What is seeking to be released, redeemed or renewed with you or your experience?   

Week 9
I know that my character, my honesty and my integrity are all defined by my word

As we continue to explore, we talk about how character, honesty and integrity are all defined by my word and the importance of having a word that can be counted on. How is your word with yourself and others and how does the  contrast in your life provide clarity for what is wanting to be expressed?

Week 10
So I don't make promises that I cannot keep

What are your promises to yourself? Do you commit to be the best person you could possibly be? What if your promises included leading with purpose and honor and values and unconditional love. What might transform in your world if your promise was to yourself first?

This is your personal invitation to Join the Journey. This is your opportunity to study, investigate and examine the most important subject you will ever make time for… YOU.

Learn from the very best

Join the Journey and commit to change. Become a member and take inspired action for your life. 

Sundays~Episodes Weekly

Coaching conversations and all supporting resources and documents are released on Sundays at 6pm (MTN). Details are provided via email once you join the journey. Simply log in to your account to access.

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Denver Colorado
Email: Sylvia@SerenitysWay.com

Sylvia Castillo
Host & Author of My Agreements with Me