Week 14

I don’t take things personally

This is the second agreement in the four that we will be exploring. Let’s be real- we take just about everything personally. Have you ever walked into a room and thought that the conversation was about you? Immediately there is a feeling of upset and frustration, an entire story made up- you might have even thought about what was being said and then spent time thinking about how you would respond-in a matter of a few minutes, an entire situation erupted- you even decided how you would get your revenge. Your face was flushed, your heartbeat rose and just thinking about it made things worse AND the crazy thing is- Is that it never even actually happened! It was all made up- a story in your mind that went left field and you went with it, blood pressure and all.

Maybe you’ve heard someone receive a compliment, and you wondered why you didn’t get one? The mind immediately searching for the why. Maybe I’m not good enough, maybe they really don’t like and appreciate me like I thought? In an instant, another made up story. No facts, no reason, not even a conversation. Just a story, completely made up, wreaking havoc in your mind and generating toxins in your body.

Can you even imagine how often your feelings get hurt and no one besides you even knows? We take it all personally, we think someone else’s drama is really about us, we think because they are upset, we must have done something wrong. Someone has an attitude and right away were there to defend and destroy or walk out. How about the made-up story when someone gives you a look?! How dare she look at me like that, she’s a ….

Right?! It’s true, we have all done it at some time or another. The interesting thing is this- we see through our own filter, and no one else is responsible for the way we interpret life. If we imagine that everyone is out to get us, they are – and we will even find the evidence to prove it right because it is done unto us “As We Believe”.

Did you ever find out the truth about their conversation? They weren’t talking about you- one of them was actually looking for some advice about a challenge and the other was listening to her story. The way the other one looked at you… she had never seen such beautiful hair and was wondering to herself if it was time for a new updated look- you were actually in that moment inspiration for someone else but couldn’t see it because your vision was blurred by your own BS.

Our inner dialogue has been programmed by the voice of our past. By our experiences-good or bad, right or wrong. When we begin to explore our innermost thoughts, when we are finally tired of blaming everyone else for our conditions and when we are ready for growth and expansion- we will begin the most important work of our lives: the inner exploration. There is no deeper or more profound journey than that of going within- into the closet of our mind, and it is here that we will pierce the veil of illusion. Everyone is off the hook, even the ones who hurt us.

We will decide to purify our minds and our vision, to see the best in everyone, even when someone else cannot see it for themselves. We will not take things personally only be victimized by our own thoughts. We will become witnesses to our self-talk- not to judge in any way but to be curiously investigating the voices that are at play in our minds.

I commit this week to not taking things personally and I practice patience and compassion with myself and others when I see, hear or experience anything that would have me be anything other than the very best version of myself. Today I know that everything is ultimately for my highest good and I choose to be kind and loving as much as I possibly can.

Consciously Creating 2019

When I give time, attention and awareness to my own personal growth- I recognize that when I take things personally, it is actually an opportunity for me to discover what within me still needs to be healed.

Reflection Opportunity

The Drama Triangle is helpful in allowing us to see where there is room to take responsibility. As we are looking at the way we may be taking things personally it will also be helpful to see where we are operating from. When we are really interested in becoming our most authentic self, we will begin to see these “old scripts”, and out dated behaviors as areas of opportunities. As we release the need to take things personally, we are freeing ourselves from drama games.

If you are actively participating and/or journaling, acknowledge for yourself for being willing to observe where this patterning shows up and where taking 100% responsibility will be required. As you create an intention to BE the change, know that change is occurring. 


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