Week 21

I accept full and total
responsibility for my life

What does that even mean to accept full and total responsibility for my life? First of all, it means that everybody is off the hook. Parents that were physically or emotionally disconnected or unavailable, a neighbor who may have said or done things that violated you and your space, a wife who cheated, a husband who stole, a boyfriend that was a batterer, a best friend who lied, an acquaintance who was slanderous, kids that were disrespectful, deceitful, or drug-induced— the list goes on and on as it always has and probably always will.

Maybe you were the perpetrator and it was you who did the violating. Either way, it’s in the past. Everyone is off the hook. No one is responsible for my success or failure, and I consciously choose today to take responsibility for my life. No more excuses, no more should have’s, no more looking back at the past or defining myself or my future from events that may or may not have been out of my control. No more operating from a place of fear, scarcity, lack, regret, or shame.

Today I accept full and total responsibility for my life and that means I will draw a line the sand, and this line in the sand is not to
be taken lightly. It is not a joke or a game. Seriously, we cannot be the violator or the victim and be ready to create new and different results in our lives. It just doesn’t work that way. It’s time to ask different questions: Instead of, “Why me? Why did this happen? How can I get over this?” it’s time to change the dialogue. The questions to ask are: What is alive in me? What is wanting to be birthed? Where can I show up and make a difference? How is my life attempting to show me that it’s time for change?

What are you willing to give up, stop doing or forgive so that you can release the chains of your own bondage? We all know the saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results and yet what are you doing different? Proclaim today that: I will not focus on things I could not or would not control and I pay close attention to the desires of my heart. Ask: What is calling me? What do I miss doing? Where am I ready to grow, expand and discover? Affirm: It is only in this exploration of my inner self that I can begin to move away from patterns, behaviors and a protective personality that wants to keep me in the same little box that I’ve always been in.

The garden is an amazing analogy for the results in our lives. If you’ve ever planted a garden, you know that a tomato seed will not produce corn. The seeds of our negative thoughts and words will not produce positive results. Once seeds are planted, we must also tend to the garden with nutrients; sunlight, water, and maybe even Miracle Grow. And we must tend on a daily basis or the weeds will choke the life right out of the garden. We must also be patient, because the day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.

So, what in your life is representative of the weeds, and who or what must be removed? Maybe the soil of your life’s garden needs to be completely tilled and turned over so that something new might grow. You cannot put poison in, on or around your garden and expect to have a healthy, vibrant, and producing harvest. It is insanity.

Proclaim, I will draw a line in the sand and I will not feel fearful, anxious, or afraid. I choose this day to let go of thought processes, patterns, and people that don’t align with the highest vision for my life. Today, I am nurturing the garden of my life and, I am committed to producing positive results because I am taking full and total responsibility for my life.

Consciously Creating
My Life

Today I claim responsibility- 

I plant seeds of possibility, 

I embrace my wholeness and I release anyone and anything that I mistakenly thought had control  over me. 

I understand that the power is in the present moment and the new seeds I’ve planted will created the  harvest of my amazing life.  

I will be still and know…

Reflection Opportunity

I love the idea of “Notice what you are noticing”. We talked about the energies in our bodies. They really are giving us information and communication about where we have stored our unresolved pain. As I accept full and total responsibility, I pay close attention to myself. I lovingly lean in to nurture myself as I grow and learn from all of these incredible experiences of life.  


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