Week 29

I am clear and conscious

The definition of clear is free from darkness, obscurity, or cloudiness, and that is exactly where we are headed—to be authentic so that our thoughts, feelings, and actions are in alignment. We will discover that being transparent means that I can tell my story—good or bad, right or wrong without fear or anxiety of being rejected. When I am conscious, it means that I have decided to be fully awake, aware, and alive—and to fully participate in life. It’s deciding that I am worthy and capable, and that I choose to be trusting, trustworthy and full in.

We know that the words “I AM” are critical—because whatever, we say after “I am,” will be. So, beginning now, this is the foundation and the affirmations I set for myself.

I am safe

I belong

I am smart

I am loved

I am enough

I am important

I have something to contribute

I am not alone


I am safe, and even if there are things that happen that are outside of my control, I will not be a casualty to them. I belong. I know that I belong because I am here. My contribution matters, and I am valuable.

I am smart. I have an intelligence and internal guidance system that lives within me, and I am a powerful creator in my life.

I am enough. I affirm my strength, intelligence, and personal power. I understand that life is for and never against me, and I have all of the support I need. Life is good.

I am important. In this amazing tapestry of life, my role and my vision matters.

I have something to contribute; it’s more than just an idea. It’s a desire that lives within my heart. It’s the part of me that continues grow. I am committed to greatness.

I am not alone. I am loved and surrounded by those who see me bigger than I see myself. They challenge, encourage and inspire me. 

I step into the great I AM with enthusiasm. I recognize that I AM a powerful co-creator in this life, and I choose to see what’s good and what’s working. I am in the process of transformation, and I give thanks for the blessings of new experiences, knowing fear, and saying yes.

When my dear friend Jessica created a vision for her life, including the marriage of her dreams, she was faced with the realization that her current reality was not in alignment with her highest vision. She was in a marriage that didn’t have the qualities that she believed a healthy, vibrant, collaborative, passionate marriage could have. 

As she struggled with this realization, she searched tirelessly in every way she could to find answers and solutions to make it work. She and her husband never had children, and they thought that having a child might give their lives the change and upliftment she craved.

They decided to adopt; however, once they went through all the processes and paperwork to get approved, Jessica couldn’t go through with it. She knew that bringing a child into an unfulfilled marriage was not the answer.

Her soul was calling out for expansion, her intuition was speaking to her as loudly as it could—reminding her that there was more to life than what she was experiencing, and she knew that leaving her relationship was the only option.

It was not an easy decision, and it wasn’t a decision that she made overnight. It was a conscious uncoupling; in other words, it was two people who loved each other enough to let go of a relationship that was not growing together or expanding in ways that bring fulfillment.

The “Transformation” writing below was written for her. Because in every way she had to embrace and know all of her fears. She came to know that she was safe, that she belonged, and that she was smart. She knew she was enough, that she was not alone, and that she was important and had something to contribute. Once she made a decision to accept the Truth about herself, Transformation was inevitable.


Consciously Creating
My Life

Sometimes we use the excuse of I’m too busy, or I like my alone time because we don’t want to engage with others- 

I don’t fit in with them, they wouldn’t get me, I don’t have anything to contribute or I don’t like people are some of the excuses we use to keep our distance. 

This week we talk about being clear and conscious  and living from our authentic self. 

Reflection Opportunity

When I keep one eye on the inside- meaning when I look within myself first, I understand that love, acceptance and compassion starts with me.   

If I am looking for validation externally, I will never be enough, I will never measure up and the fear of being seen will keep me isolated, angry, lonely and alone. 

Keep paying attention to the inner dialogue, keep noticing if it is in harmony and resonance with the larger vision for your life.  

As we continue to seek to understand, we start with compassion for ourselves first and then we extend it to others. Be curious this week in such a way that you would put wonder above judgement, unity above separation, and love and acceptance above fear.    

Some #KINDNESS practices for the week:

1. Make your friend the main event- support someone this week with your time. Learn something new about what is going on in their life. Make deliberate time to connect.

2. Make intimacy a priority- whether in your marriage or your friendship- be curious; go deeper than news, weather and sports. Connect in such a way that you get to what matters. Participate and engage in your marriage, friendship and in your parenting. 

3. Honor yourself- do something for you. Befriend yourself and take some time this week for self care. <3



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