Week 38

I will exercise my body
and shape my life

It’s important to know that who I am is not my body. My body is the shell of me, it is what houses the Truth of me, the Soul and Spirit of me, and yet because I have a body and because it is the vehicle that I get to use for this human experience, my relationship to it is extremely important. How I treat it, what I put into it, and how I move it matters.

Moving our bodies whether it be dance, exercise, rock climbing, yoga, or the many other ways we move and strengthen our bodies is a vital part of the way we feel.
When we make a decision and a commitment to take care of it,
it will take care of us.

The amazing thing about exercise are the benefits; it can make you feel happier and actually decreases feelings of anxiety and depression. It helps with weight loss, and for many of us losing that extra 10-30 pounds not only changes our pant or dress size, it also positively affects our confidence and morale. There is no doubt that it increases our energy and vitality, and when we feel strong and powerful, we show up in our lives from a completely different place compared to when we feel lethargic and out of shape. Exercise also
reduces the risk of chronic disease and can improve skin and brain health. It helps with our quality of relaxation and sleep as well as reducing pain. Exercise and combined weight loss can also positively affect our intimacy and the way we show up with our spouse or significant other. If you’ve ever wanted to keep the lights off or stay under the covers because you didn’t want your partner to see you, then you understand the significance of this statement.

Sometimes the excuse is not having enough time, knowledge, or courage to do something new and/or different. And often times we have to say “no” to something else so that we can say “yes” to this. When the alarm goes off, the challenge is to get right up, no snoozing.

Waking up with intention plays a key role in our personal evolution. 

It also comes back to discipline. Like everything else, we must be willing to look at our level of commitment and the discipline it will take to have what we say we want.

How you decide to shape your life will impact everything. When our bodies are aligned with our highest vision, we have amazing amounts of energy and vitality. We are literally changing on the outside to match what’s on the inside. The discoveries and sense of purpose are exciting and give new life and enthusiasm to all that you do.

Imagine what you will do in that new body of yours?! The energy and vitality you feel are incredible! You have never felt more alive than you do right now. Late night dancing and early—morning lovemaking with the lights on is just the tip of the iceberg. You never imagined that feeling this good would impact your work and your social life too. People keep saying how great you look, and you feel like a million bucks. This is how it feels to be on fire with passion, you feel like there is nothing you can’t to and it is incredible! So good!

Affirm: I am committed to feeling this way about myself, my body, and my life. Today, I practice taking care of my body and shaping a life that I am excited to live in.


Consciously Creating
My Life

As we shape our lives with intentionality it we include the physical body. 

Leaning into discomfort to create an empowered sense of self.  

Reflection Opportunity

Eat to fuel your most spectacular life! Eating to feel healthy and well. Make small mindful changes, and remember to keep showing yourself unconditional love. Who will you become in the process of your physical transformation? 


3 Reasons you're not succeeding

*From the Fit 47 Blog page

1. You don’t believe you can. 

Our beliefs alter our lives, for better or worse. Beliefs change our psychology and neurochemistry. When you don’t believe that you can make those changes you’re anxious to make, even when you’re doing everything by the book, you’ll inevitably subconsciously sabotage your efforts or you’ll attract more influences and circumstances that will set you off course. 

Change your life by changing your beliefs. Beliefs have the power to alter our reality. 

Therefore, when our beliefs and a laser-sharp focus & vision come together, we’ll start to see our lives change dramatically. 

2. You’re lacking fuel.

When your focus is on activities and not outcomes, and you don’t have a clear vision of what you’re wanting or a specific end-goal in mind, you’ll get overwhelmed and lose momentum. 

You have to have a clear vision and a powerful, motivating WHY. 

Know what you want and know WHY you want it. Allow that WHY to help you add excitement to your endeavors and to clarify your vision. Find focus, find fuel, and let that empower your activity. 

3. You don’t have leverage. 

Are you taking full advantage of all possible resources? 

It’s monumentally helpful to have a strong support system and plenty of resources by your side. 

As much as we want to be independent, each of us needs leverage, community, strong connections, tools, and a strong tribe to keep us motivated, inspired, enthusiastic, educated, and empowered. You can’t always do everything yourself and there is usually much available support.

If you’re already working with us, great! If you aren’t, consider how we can seriously boost your leverage and help propel you to your empowering end-goal while helping you stay charged and ultra-focused. 

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