Week 41

I will look for opportunities to give of myself, my time and my service

The best medicine is being outwardly focused. When we look for opportunities to give of ourselves, our time and service, we have no idea how we impact the world on a larger scale. Every good deed, intention, hour, and energy given to make a difference, matters.

Have you ever noticed that it is just about impossible to be depressed, checked out, and distant when we are helping others? Maybe that’s why so many people find it difficult to take care of themselves—because helping others gives us a feeling of worthiness and satisfaction of a job well done.

We all have something to contribute, and for many of us when we give back to a place in our lives where there has been pain and anguish, we offer compassion and understanding in a way that can never be found in a textbook or in theory. There is no schooling or education that offers the authenticity and humanity of real life experience.

If you have experienced a loss or a tragedy, and you feel alone in your grief, if you decide to reach out, you will find that there are others who feel the same. So often our pain is amplified in isolation and healing happens in community.

Interestingly enough, instead of the question being, “Why Me?” it becomes a statement of “I know your pain. I’ve been there, too”. We have the opportunity to listen with ears of empathy, and we are able to offer such a sincere space that even the silence understands.

What you have to contribute is a gift to the world; maybe yours is a talent or a gift of your hands or mind. There are so many incredible voices, expressive dances, down home cooks, beautiful painters, and crafters. There are those who teach and council, preach and lend a hand. Maybe your gift is your kind heart and your gentle way of just being available? Whatever it is, it and you matter. When we Practice the Presence, meaning that when you use your soulful gift in service to others, that service is a blessing the world in ways that you cannot begin to image. It touches countless lives, because it lives on in those you touch as they pay it forward to others.

There is no substitute for the blessing of your gift or the gift of your time. There is also no check or amount of money that is an equivalent replacement. There is something about the human connection and about having the experience that a check just does not cover. It is also about the consistency. When we give our gifts on a consistent and regular basis, it is returned to us as a sense of peace and comfort in making a difference. There is a fulfillment and a sense of satisfaction; it is the reciprocal reward that leaves a lasting
impression in our lives and on our hearts.

This is what it means to be the hands and feet, to decide to be the change, to make a difference, to give back, to stand up, and dig in. Find your people, your calling, tribe, circle, posse—or whatever you call it. Get involved and give of yourself. It’s an immeasurable gift to your life, and you won’t know to what extent until you say “yes” to the experience.

Affirm: Today, I acknowledge the gifts of contribution that are within me. I commit to finding a way to share, volunteer, and/or give back. I recognize that when I am outwardly focused, I make a difference.

Consciously Creating
My Life

What is the definitive marker in your life and what have you done with it?

If you were in service with it, how would the gift of your compassion bless those who are suffering with what you have been through?  

Reflection Opportunity

Are you giving with a sense of purpose? Is there something that you have been through that the gift of your compassion would bless another person? How can you inspire your children to give?

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Audrey May-Prosper

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Her mission in life is simple – BE the change you wish to see.

Some of her past work includes sharing her story and vision on Dr. Phil, Anderson Cooper, 48 Hours, I Survived, Who the Bleep did I Marry, Kiss of Death, Inside Edition, The Doctors, Your Worst Nightmare, and Maury Povich as an advocate, survivor, and woman of inspiration.

Some of her awards include: Community Hero award from the National Hockey League team, Tampa Bay Lightning, John E. Stross Victory over Violence award, Commendation from the County Commissioners of Hillsborough County Florida, ABC Action News Bravery award, Ashleigh’s Heart award, and the Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence President Emeritus award.


Some of her titles include: Follower of Christ, Mom, Wife, Women’s Empowerment Leader, Philanthropist, Activist, and Thrive Expert. She recently founded

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Audrey travels globally sharing the invaluable lessons she’s learned about the power of perspective, the power of decision, identity, purpose, raising men after abuse, how to have healthy relationships, domestic violence in Christian communities, and forgiveness.