Week 45

I remember that life is always offering up the opportunity for me to be, do, and have everything I desire

Life is meant to flow, and as we let go of what it’s supposed to look like. As we continue to forgive and release all of our demands and
expectations of others—as we focus on our vision and allow things to unfold naturally—we will experience what we call miracles.

There are no coincidences; there is, however, the opportunity to recognize that life is lining up in accordance and in alignment
to our beliefs. We came here to have an Experience of Love. Because we came from love and because we will return to love, this human experience is the only opportunity we have to feel it. And, we can actually change the direction of a relationship or circumstance with our own personal commitment to create new results.

My friend Larry was in a new marriage, and he wanted desperately to have different results than that of his previous relationship. Larry was noticing that as much as he wanted things to be different, they weren’t. He seemed to be having the same types of challenges as he did previously, and it was devastating. He believed his new marriage was the relationship of his dreams, and he wanted so much to not repeat some of the same mistakes and patterns he had created in the past. My question to Larry was, “How committed will you be in your moments of frustration”? I encouraged him to be mindful of his responses. My ongoing observation was that it was easy for things to be great when everyone is happy. What happens in those moments when you want to fire back or get angry? When you feel like you’re losing control and you have the desire to defend yourself. It is in these precious seconds (and it’s literally seconds) that we have an opportunity to take a deep breath and anchor into our bigger vision. Consciously choosing to respond instead of having that same knee-jerk reaction that is usually followed with regret and apologies.

The opportunity for Larry to be do and have everything he desired is created by him—because of his commitment to show up
differently so that he would create new and results in his life.

My own experience of this was when I literally stopped a conversation short of a train wreck. Steve and I were just getting ready for bed and something he said hit me wrong. I got up to use the restroom and immediately thought of all of the things I was going to say to defend myself. I was upset and frustrated, and I just knew it was going to be a big argument. And then in just a fleeting second, I remembered to be the witness. I decided in that moment to just lay down my defenses and approach the remark from curiosity.
I thought about what I could do to be humble, and I grabbed the lotion to rub his feet and decided to ask him to help me understand
his comment. That shift in my own awareness created a completely different outcome. Instead of an argument, we had an intimate,
loving and thoughtful experience.

Life is giving us the opportunity daily to create a new outcome; however, it doesn’t always look like what we think. It is our responsibility to do the work in the in-between moments. To do our meditation, prayer, breathwork, yoga, or whatever practice so that we are living with awareness and with one eye on the inside, all of the time. Then, when those challenging moments come up, we will have the wherewithal to stop, take a deep breath, and decide how to respond. There is no flashing warning light that says, “Ok, here it comes. You better get ready. Here’s that moment.” It will be a feeling in the body that we have named anger, anxiety, fear, frustration, and so on. It is actually coming up to the surface to be healed, and we can either respond as usual or decide in that moment to choose something different.

When we choose to BE love and to BE present in these moments, we are creating a new path for our lives. When we believe that life is
for us and not against us, it really gives us the opportunity to perceive change from the idea of possibility (love) rather than impossibility (fear). 

If I lose my job and I have a possibility perspective, I see that loss as a blessing and an opportunity to have a new experience, to make
more money, learn a new trade, meet more people, etc. If I have a perspective of impossibility or fear, I will be angry, resentful, and
doubtful of myself, my circumstances, and my future.

Now, here’s the interesting thing: if life is always responding to us in accordance with our beliefs to give us more of what we think
we are (and it is), what place is going to serve my highest good? Love or fear?
Say out loud: Today, I am intentional in all that I do.

Consciously Creating
My Life

 When we we stop scheming and plotting we will choose to be deliberate creators.  

Reflection Opportunity

Scheming and plotting for survival feels very different than creating and planning. 

Feeling stuck or too busy are areas of opportunity to heal. We recommend getting help to move through it- either a counselor, coach, Spiritual Practitioner or someone that helps to hold your and and hold you accountable. Please ask for help, you are not alone and we are here to help.  

Remember to lean in, to trust, and to take off the mask. If you have always had to be the lone ranger you are encouraged to be uncomfortable and being willing to be vulnerable and available to grow.



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