Week 46

I choose yes and let it be so

To choose yes is to acknowledge that you are always at choice, and that you make a choice to say “yes” to a journey of self-love and
discovery. This is such a statement of power. The exploration of personal development is not for the weary. It is humbling to look in
the mirror for the purpose of growth. And, it is here where we observe what gets us excited about life, it is here where we decide who and what we will give our time and attention to and what attitudes and behaviors are outdated, what no longer serves the larger vision for our lives and what will be done different today.

Choosing “yes” can be a moment-by-moment decision, and as we keep practicing, observing, and being the witness, it becomes easier and easier to stay in alignment with the people and circumstances where we feel like we are in the flow of life.

A lot of times, we use the phrase “I have to.” “I have to go to work, pick up the kids, make dinner…” the list goes on and on. What if instead we said, “I get to,” as though it was a choice that we have said yes to. There is so much power and personal responsibility
in saying “yes” or “no” and meaning it, and we are always at choice.

We are not bound or chained to any person, situation, commitment, or chore. We have a choice, and to be in alignment with our choices, to feel good about the choices we are making, is to make good use of the free will that we all have.

 Remember Jessica? She was in the midst of a Transformation when she decided to leave her marriage. Jessica said “yes” to a larger
vision for her life—to growth and expansion in ways she knew were possible and had yet to experience. Her vision and the “yes” to the vision—to believe and then see, is exactly what she did. Jessica left an unfulfilled marriage to rise up to meet a vision she knew was possible.

Today, she is happily remarried to an incredible man, her coaching business is thriving, she has a beautiful home, amazing stepchildren and a life that she had imagined was possible. She is living her dream and helping other people find theirs. And, because she consciously uncoupled, she also kept her friendship with her ex-husband, and they continue to run their previous transaction management business together. She turned impossible into absolutely.

There are no limitations. We are not bound by anything other than our own beliefs about what is possible. Once those thoughts,
ideas, beliefs, and feelings are shifted into possibility things will change. We can create, renew, and restore any relationship, passion,
idea, or dream. What we focus on expands, what we believe we see, what we give to grows, and we absolutely do create our own reality.

So, Let It percolate, Let It rise up, Let It be discovered, Let It be declared, and Let It Be So!

Consciously Creating
My Life

 When we choose Yes for ourselves, we ignite a creative power that works to bring forth the highest vision for our lives.

Reflection Opportunity

Everything is a choice and when we become even more aware of our negative patterns, we continue to make choices that serve our on-going personal development and evolution. We look at unhealthy behaviors from a place of curiosity and non-judgement. 

Is there someone in your life that needs to know they are loved, that they matter and that they are safe? If you are witnessing is a behavior, attitude or communication style that looks completely unhealthy, aggressive and unwanted- if you can PRACTICE the PAUSE- you will be able to diffuse a situation because you are able to recognize that there is a deeper underlying need. 

Be mindful of the energy behind your thoughts and actions- if you are approaching someone you love from an angry and defensive position, you are missing an opportunity to BE expansive. Practice, practice, practice! 


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