Week 47

And so it is

And So It Is—this is a declaration. It is an announcement, a positive formal statement and proclamation. The process of this chapter in the book of your life is complete.

What you choose to carry with you will alter the rest of your path. There are so many opportunities to look within to learn and uncover, so much revealed and healed. You are loved and forgiven; the process is complete. Whatever it was that needed to be learned is learned, whatever needed to be released is released.

At the end of the day and at the end of this life’s journey, you being authentically you is all that really matters. No one is going to tell you that you did it wrong. No one is going to lock you out of heaven or send you to a fiery hell. We will all return to the love that created us. 

I hope that you are done waiting and that you are ready to live the life you came here to create. I hope that you continue to discover, commit, and to express as only you can. I know that you are open to every gift and every experience of a larger life and that it is already done. Remember to celebrate and acknowledge yourself. This has been an incredible journey of self-discovery and movement, and you deserve to be recognized, even if it’s just you toasting to the best that is yet to come.


Consciously Creating
My Life

 Living your authentic life includes being on a path of self-mastery. It’s important to know that the circumstances of your life are the curriculum of your evolution. 

Reflection Opportunity

What are you ready to bring forward in your life and what are you ready to release? What we choose to carry will absolutely alter the rest of our journey. As it relates to dis-ease in the body, there is a wonderful book “You can heal your life” by Louise Hay.

You are always learning and growing, you have not failed, and there is only more knowledge and learning to be had.

This conversation, this book and this journey are about Self-Mastery and it is important to know that the circumstances of your life is the curriculum of your evolution. 


And just a few words about hell… 

Hell is the continued evidence of separation, segregation and condemnation. 

Hell is unexplainable loss of a loved one.   

Hell is putting your loved ones in a position to have to create extreme guidelines because your behavior is so destructive that it causes harm and negligence.

Hell is having your loved ones cast you out of their lives because they think the love you feel for another human being is inappropriate.

Hell is having an addiction that has control over your life in such a way that you cannot function or make a choice to save your own life- even when you want to.

Hell is when the pain of regret is so strong that you would be willing to take your own life to take it back.

Hell is a life behind bars bars because you were a perpetrator and caused harm to another person or took their life and on the flip side of that coin, Hell is living out the rest of your life as a victim to events that do not define your life. 

Please don’t try to save a soul from an eternal hell. What is needed from you is your unconditional love and understanding, your compassion and your prayers. 

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