Week 48

What's Next?

What’s next? What does continuing this journey of personal development look like? This is not a one and done; it is a lifelong journey and adventure. There is not one class, seminar, workshop, message, guru, or teacher that has all of the answers. So, what’s next? It is important that you continue to cultivate the garden of your life. Because life is always a process of becoming, there is no arrival, there is always something we can learn about ourselves.

Remember to pay attention to how you feel. When we are in alignment with what is good and true, we feel energized, awake, aware, and alive. We are inspired from a place within, more than being motivated from the outside, we are guided and inspired from the inside. It is a personal journey in which we all get to brings our gifts, talents, cooperation, joy, and enthusiasm to to the experience.

Bask in the glory; allow yourself the space to feel amazing about what you learned and what you’ve created and accomplished. Decide how you will continue to implement these new-found ideas, and watch how things in your life begin to shift and change.

Then, when it’s time for more, say “yes” and begin again. There are so many opportunities to learn and grow from in this world. So many incredible people who have given their life to teach what they know, and it is so good.

When we are influenced by Source, we elicit acceptance, love, kindness, and compassion. Imagine what you can be created when we make it a point to stay under the influence of unconditional love. I hope that whatever is next in your journey, you take this knowing with you.

Consciously Creating
My Life

As you consider What’s Next ~ 

Keep paying attention to the energy of the things, people and circumstances that fill you up- it is here where you will do some of your best work.

Reflection Opportunity

If you are not growing, you are dying~

As we continue to live from a creator-ship perspective, we consciously look for opportunities to learn and grow. We seek areas for expansion to keep becoming the very best versions of ourselves. Friends, there is no arrival, and no Spiritual by-pass. Continue to build your tribe so that you can thrive. 


Please Welcome: Audrey May-Prosper

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Audrey May-Prosper

Life & Business Coach

Her mission in life is simple – BE the change you wish to see.

Some of her past work includes sharing her story and vision on Dr. Phil, Anderson Cooper, 48 Hours, I Survived, Who the Bleep did I Marry, Kiss of Death, Inside Edition, The Doctors, Your Worst Nightmare, and Maury Povich as an advocate, survivor, and woman of inspiration.

Some of her awards include: Community Hero award from the National Hockey League team, Tampa Bay Lightning, John E. Stross Victory over Violence award, Commendation from the County Commissioners of Hillsborough County Florida, ABC Action News Bravery award, Ashleigh’s Heart award, and the Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence President Emeritus award.


Some of her titles include: Follower of Christ, Mom, Wife, Women’s Empowerment Leader, Philanthropist, Activist, and Thrive Expert. She recently founded

Your Thrive Tribe because she believes all women deserve to be empowered to THRIVE in every category of their lives.

Audrey travels globally sharing the invaluable lessons she’s learned about the power of perspective, the power of decision, identity, purpose, raising men after abuse, how to have healthy relationships, domestic violence in Christian communities, and forgiveness.