Week 51

No Arrival

There is no arrival and in this game of life. We are always choosing how we will play. We know now that we choose from our directive power—because we have dominion over our thoughts and because we are always at choice. As you begin to live your life from TrueChoice, I invite you to consider noticing the people around you and to make a conscious decision to help lift them up. To make a difference where you can and to play your part.
                                          “Life is a game and you are the player. As you master the game,
                                                               so you also create it.”     —Jay Woodman


True Choice
Playing to Win. Comes from I want to. I’m going to win attitude. Takes personal responsibility for the choices they make, good or bad. Solution oriented, pro-active, always working on their attitude, always looking for solutions. Supportive of others despite how they show up. Always taking action on their goals and excited about getting them. Supports others and comes from essence.

False Choice
Playing not to lose. Come from I have to. Doesn’t feel excited about getting goals because they question their integrity or reason for getting their goals. Gets exhausted, feels contradiction because they don’t want people to know how they really feel. Bulldoze their way through because its expected, because they’re supposed to, and there is a need to look good. I said, “I’m going to do it, so I’m going to do it.” In false choice, people are reactive and feel defensive.


Avoid Choice
Just Playing. Have a choice, but don’t make it. Usually, if they don’t make a choice, it’s made for them, and it’s not the choice they want or when they want it. Spectator attitude. Wait and see; meanwhile, they are righteous and defensive “Don’t tell me what to do.” They are confused a lot, which is also a choice to avoid. This is where the masses of people live and operate from.

Deny Choice.
Not Playing. See themselves as having no responsibility and go to blame so they can never fail. It’s always “out there.” Denies ownership so they cannot fail, and they keep themselves separate. Victim Consciousness, denying that they have a choice in life. When we take the time to do this work we can see that it really is about the perspective we have. We’ve learned that with awareness, a shift in our thought processes, a commitment to prayer and meditation, plus some body and breath-work, it is absolutely possible to change and create a new reality.

Today, I am outwardly focused. I recognize that not everyone is living from True Choice. Wherever I can build a bridge, be of service, lend a helping hand, give a hug, or make a difference, I do that.

Consciously Creating
My Life

When we truly understand the difference we make, we will play to win AND we will build bridges, be of service, lend a helping hand, give a hug and BE the Change.

Reflection Opportunity

The Essence of Playing to Win

Without awareness, you don’t have the opportunity to do anything different. However once you do have the awareness, now you have a responsibility – and the responsibility is, What am I going to do? If this is ineffective, what will I do to change it? If it is effective, great- how do I expand it and do more with it?

If all suffering is an obsession with self – Recognize where you are operating from so that you can choose differently. Choose what you get.

Please Welcome: Terri Anderson Wilber

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Terri Anderson Wilber

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Terri Anderson Wilber specializes in the way you THINK. With a background in neuroscience and behavioral studies, Terri bridges the gap in the way your conscious mind and unconscious mind communicate with one another. With advanced certifications in Neurolinguistic Programming, hypnotherapy and Mental and Emotional Release, she has a wide variety of tools available to support clients in rewiring the hardwired belief systems currently in place to that of the client’s ultimate goals.

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An Invitation

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