Week 52


Friends, are you using your resources? There are so many amazing people in the world—and not that they have our answers; however, they might have a direction, feedback, or support that we find helpful on our journey.

As always, I strongly recommend that if you do not have a spiritual home, you find one. Make sure that it aligns with your beliefs and values and that you feel great about the message it teaches. Above all, make sure it is all inclusive and leaves no one out. We are sisters and brothers in one human family, and the more we align with that truth, the less we have a need be against one another. Remember that addiction happens in isolation and recovery happens in community. Let’s continue to build our communities.

These resources have been instrumental and have greatly contributed to my life. If you are looking for a place to start and need some resources, here are my recommendations:



Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself Dr Joe Despenza
Brilliant Babies Powerful Adults John and Susan Mike MD
Never in Your Wildest Dreams Natalie Ledwell
Seven Spiritual Laws of Success Deepak Chopra
The Magic & The Secret Rhonda Byrne
This Thing Called You Ernest Holmes
This Life is Joy Dr Roger Teel
The Energy Codes Dr Sue Morter


Abraham-Esther Hicks www.abraham-hicks.com
Dr Sue Morter www.drsuemorter.com
Mile Hi Church www.milehichurch.org
PSI Seminars www.PSISeminars.com

Consciously Creating
My Life

When you ask for what you 

need the resources show up!

What an amazing year!

2020 Opportunities

We are embarking on new projects and a vision that includes a retreat center and additional programs to serve our growth and expansion!! 

As we continue to build our community, we intend to go through the My Agreements with me journey again. We will be adding new segments, new content and more opportunities for growth and expansion as we continue to build on our visions! 

If you have not yet taken the Prosperity Plus course that we offer, I would invite you to get enrolled. This 7-week course focuses on Dream Building!! The next course begins January 14th.