Believe (8×10)


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8×10 Cardstock Picture

Text inside:

Everything about your vision still holds true…
for the way you wish to be in the world
and for all the ways in which you shine your light.
It’s an ongoing process of self-discovery…

You know there are adjustments that need to be made,
and you’re making them.
Your devotion to your highest truth and your dedication
to your ongoing health and well being,
keep you in the flow of good.

There are no mistakes and you are here on purpose-
powerfully co-creating this amazing life.
You are attracting to you everything you need
for the fulfillment of your vision.
Your commitment to surround yourself
with joy, love, honesty and integrity-
keep your path open to greater and greater possibility.

You have everything you need
and you are seeded with the perfection of Spirit-
Remember you need only to turn within.