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There comes a time when looking outside of ourselves for an explanation, feedback, or an interpretation no longer gives us the resolution we are looking for—because ultimately our answers are within ourselves. No one else’s crystal ball, tarot cards or counseling session can see our future or definitively determine why things are the way they are or how they will turn out to be. In the end, it is up to me—to take full and total responsibility for my relationships, for my results, and for my life.

The My Agreements with Me ~ Journey of Personal Reflection is a soulful journey into compassion and understanding… not only with others, but more importantly with yourself. The peace you will uncover in knowing we are all experiencing the same intertwined life will give you permission to allow yourself the space to be the most authentic version of you that you can possibly be, without apology.

Sylvia’s unique adaptation of her book into video podcast form is engaging and full of gems of wisdom that are both insightful, and humorous. This is more than a good read, it is an experience and, it is your opportunity to study, investigate and examine the most important subject you will ever make time for… YOU.

Because the video podcast journey offers so much in the way of self-accountability and reflection, it is the perfect companion to the book. When implemented as a book study group or with a best friend for even greater accountability- this will be a dynamic and life altering experience.

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