Having come from a home filled with Domestic Violence for 12 years while growing up, my gauge of normal seemed unlike anyone else’s. Over a period of time I grew up in hotels and motels while my mother struggled with an abusive relationship and a gambling addiction. Starting over was an ongoing process and a way of life. I left home while still in high school and found stability through working hard. There was no college, dreams or major goals. For me, paying the bills on time and making sure I had good credit were the ways I defined success. I think at some level I thought at least if I were to be measured with that number I was in control of it.


Through my own growth and awakening process I found myself in years and years of personal development and Spiritual growth classes –  I later found myself asking the questions-“How can my past experiences serve a larger purpose?” and  “How can I serve and give back?” I never imagined that those questions would lead me out of a successful 14-year career and into a domestic violence shelter with an overwhelming desire (and desire is probably not the word, as I felt it was something I had to do) to leave a message for the women there.


I had an idea to leave positive messages at this 30-day emergency shelter- messages of hope and encouragement. I wanted the messages to be beautiful and powerful. I wrote and wrote and when I was unable to find an artist to collaborate the art with, I purchased paint and canvas and the journey began.


It was also important to me to uplift the energy in the shelter, not just with words but with the look and feel- I put together a team of people and with generous contributions of friends and family- we updated the living and working spaces for the women and the staff.


I have worked with Gateway shelter for a couple of years and most recently I was called to write a curriculum that I am now teaching at the shelter.  I had no idea the impact would be so significant. I received a letter that began with “I don’t know how to truly express my feelings, but I can say that your words of encouragement left me to re-evaluate my life…”  


I also received feedback that one of the ladies who was 9 mo pregnant and due to have her baby the following week decided to go back to school and start a new life!  When I had drove away after meeting her, my prayer was that her beautiful baby boy would not be birthed into a cycle of abuse or be a statistic of domestic violence. I KNOW this work is imperative, it is heart-centered, it is authentic and it is a personal message that comes from having lived the experience through witnessing it as a child for 12 years and being victim to it as an adult. It is my belief that changing the minds of these women will change their stories and ultimately it will change their history.


 I continue to collect feedback and the message is clear- “We need more classes”,  “This is valuable and we need more time to explore”, “I think this would be beneficial to all women with low self esteem and not just from domestic violence”

These are not my words- this is feedback from those who have been inspired by a different message, women who have experienced a change in perspective and ultimately who are choosing an empowered vision for themselves.



My goal is to provide ongoing group classes as well as individual support for those who are asking for it. I will partner with current organizations and non-profits where my curriculum would be of value. I believe my time has the most impact when I am eye to eye and heart to heart with those who are looking for change. As we shine our light to make a difference where we can, we alter her story~




                                                                                THE EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM © 


The Empowerment Program will take us on a 6-week discovery process. This curriculum is designed to introduce a new awareness to the true power that lies within us and to uncover and dissolve old programming that no longer serves the highest vision for our lives.

This process has the potential to open up possibilities, propose new thought processes and offer a new perspective for life. 


Week 1 Discovery

In week one we will discuss the importance of understanding your “Point A” and the benefit of creating a life plan. We will begin the discovery process by examining road blocks and old hidden beliefs. We will learn about Dr. Masaru Emoto and his 30 year study on the power of words, and how that relates to us.  We will also explore the subconscious mind, its function and the power of auto-programming to keep us stuck.


Week 2 Responsibility

In week two we will review the previous lessons and build on it. We will learn about the creative process and the philosophy of “To Think is to Create”. We will discuss living responsibly and living from true choice. We will learn about universal laws and idea of victim vs. responsible. We will look at continued repeated patterns and begin to explore life from a new perspective.


Week 3 Possibility

In week three, we will talk about what we’ve learned up until now and discuss what has been noticed and learned in the past couple of weeks. We look at the tools of transformation including Affirmations, Affirmative Prayer, Meditation, Forgiveness Practices and Visioning. We will experience a 20 min mediation and we will formulate a powerful “I AM” statement.


 Week 4 Accountability

In week four in addition to reviewing previous lessons, we will study and break down The Four Agreements:  Be impeccable with your word, Don’t take things personally, Don’t make assumption, and Always do your best. We will talk about living from these agreements and the positive impact of being accountable to them.  We will also discuss the importance of being in alignment with what you think, feel, say and do.


Week 5 Creation

In week five we map out our goals, including the “Why” behind the goal. We will look at related sub goals and determine who and how we can enroll support into our lives to reach them. We will put together a plan of action and we will create a visual map of these goals as well.  It is said that bringing in a visual components to goal setting can significantly change the outcome of the goal.


Week 6 Transformation & Celebration

In week six we will put it all together- we will explore the journey of the past five weeks and the incredible process of transformation. We will talk about the hi’s the low’s and the significance of Creating your Life. We will review a story of the Butterfly and discuss what they will take away from this process.