SerenitysWay Healing Institute is a 508c1a Non-Profit Ministry


The Purpose

Serenitys Way Healing Institute provides services, programs and support for those who are wanting to positively change their life experience. 

We believe that healing can occur on all levels of Body, Mind and Spirit and our programs are designed to meet people where they are on their own path of growth and development.

We believe in outreach, and for those who are living in generational cycles domestic violence, abuse, addiction, depression, and pain- our desire is for individuals to make up their minds to be the last one. To BE the ONE to end these cycles. 

We know that it is possible because we are living examples, from domestic violence, abuse, neglect and incest, our board has accomplished exponential change and growth in our lives and in the lives of our families and we are committed to making a difference for others. 

We believe that it is up to US, individually and collectively- to BE the hands and feet with a message of inclusivity and Oneness. 

The Programs

Our programs, workshops and retreats are designed to bring awareness and personal accountability. The goal is to inspire change while offering a guideline and curriculum for creating a values based vision and path for personal growth and empowerment.  

The Prosperity Plus course is geared toward everyone- for those who understand our vision and are working on their own personal 

The Prosperity Plus course is geared toward everyone- for those who understand our vision and are working on their own personal goals, dreams and visions, this course will be instrumental in owning their purpose while also contributing their time, talent and treasure to a larger vision. 

The Wisdom of the Heart Retreat is a gift of self renewal. Together we go on a journey that sparks creativity, raises the belief in unlimited possibilities and challenges us to become the most inspiring version of ourselves. It is a 3 night woman’s spiritual retreat in the beautiful Grey Wolf Resort in Victor Colorado.


The Fuggerei is the oldest social housing project in the world. It was founded in 1519 by Jakob Fugger in Augsburg, Germany. He wanted to create a place for the city’s needy- he established conditions; rent, rules and regulations so that residents could have peace of mind while getting better at life. Now, nearly 500 years later it is still fully operational. 

The Fuggerei is unique in the world, it offers an important view on a special community and its values. It is inspirational, and visitors and residents clearly experience the peace and spirituality of this amazing place.




We at Serenitys Way think a modern day social housing project looks a lot like the Fuggerei. A beautiful home and environment- a place where one feels safe while learning, growing and developing physically, mentally and Spiritually. 

When a person completes our Life Exploration, they are able to gain a healthy understanding of what made them who they are, and with this newfound knowledge, there is actually a choice to be a co-creator in their own lives- each person decides to live from a place of creatorship instead of from a place of victimhood. 

The gift of this knowledge is priceless and we believe that every person, regardless of their name, career, education,  socioeconomic status, gender, color, background or sexual orientation deserves to be freed from chains, cycles and generations of abuse, neglect and/or violence.      



We believe it will be US, YOU and ME who find solutions. Too many of our people are still lost and feeling broken. Our domestic violence shelters are full, and heroin addiction is at an all time high.  Our government does not provide the types of programs or personal development that are designed to change minds, touch hearts and transform lives – and we think that this will be part of the solution for lasting change. 

Until we are able to create SerenitysWay-The Place, we will continue to hold our classes, workshops and ministry.